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Announcing departures
Staff update 2022 new roles: Tom Barker is at Klick Health; Lee Rennick is Editor, CIO at Foundry; Scott Basham is at De La Rue; Paul Allen is at Deucalion Aviation Limited. Congratulations!
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Co-Founder Tom Barker at the Codex launch
Our services
Our services
Digital Transformation, Strategy + Management
Digital transformation and growth business models – cloud and enterprise solutions, software as a service, customer relations and acquisition, achieving scale. Agile development, Prince2 certified project management, ISEB Certificated software testing, ITIL principles. Start-up mentoring and services.
Sales + Marketing
Strategy, planning, development and execution. eCommerce full service. Leveraging the latest data analytics and social media expertise. Customer pipeline and conversions. Integrations for CRM, CMS, SEO and social media. Campaign content creation: image, video, email and print. Promotional games, gamification.
Training, eLearning + Education
Employee training and business transformation, knowledge adoption and workflow. eLearning, Learning Management Systems and Webinars. Curricula research and development. Creating learning cultures.
Media Content
Professional video filming from lo-fi up to cinematic 8K, post production, livestreaming events, audio recording and editing, music composition, podcasts. Social media campaigns, advertising copy, animations, illustrations and 3D CAD renderings.
Websites, Web Apps + Apps
Cross-platform, progressive and scalable solutions. Multidisciplinary teams and Full Stack development. Limitless integrations including: CRMs, MailChimp, eCommerce, and speech recognition.
Design, Coding + Graphic Design
UX/UI, design sprints, user testing, graphic layouts, animation. Javascript, Node.js, HTML, CSS, SVG, Python, PHP, Django, Flask, C++, C#, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, BMC Remedy, React, React Native, CMS platforms, API system integration.
Internet of Things AR, VR + AI
Chatbots, AR marketing promotions, Web-connected physical products and smart watches, immersive 3D and VR, real-time Web. Image recognition. Sentiment analysis.
How to grow
How to grow
We asked our executive team to give 3 pieces of advice on how to grow a business. Here’s what they had to say..
From our marketing expert
  • Brand Brand Brand - corporate identity, your people, content and messaging are key to creating your brand presence in market for growth.
  • Build a strategic plan with key metrics defined and reviewed every three months to measure your growth.
  • From brand to marketing to sales – connect the tools that you use. Evidenced based marketing tools help to measure growth and build sales.
From our president
  • Do what you are already doing but better - squeeze efficiencies out of any processes, supply chain, contracts. Incremental product and service improvements. Better internal structures, roles and communication.
  • Commit marketing resources to expand existing market share and attack adjacent markets where you have some synergy or transferrable value. Keep clear of markets where you have no existing track record or expertise.
  • Stay responsive to data in the field: no plan executes flawlessly so have systems in place to rapidly adapt to changes in circumstance and unexpected failures or success. Quarterly reports are for shareholders – using data in real time means there's no need to wait for reports if an empowered team is to take action.
From our business transformation expert
  • Clearly define and articulate your growth outcome.
  • Establish a roadmap with achievable and celebrate-able steps along the way..
  • Thereby ensuring that success is part of the journey and not the destination. 
From our people and culture expert
  • Focus on the big picture.  It is important that all your people processes can be traced back clearly to the purpose of your growth.
  • Measure what works and adapt to feedback on the journey.  What was right today may not be right tomorrow.
  • Let employees know they are valued and communicate.  Work with your teams to identify what the future state should look and feel like not just a top down vision and mission.
From our digital projects expert
  • Get help and advice from people/organisations with experience in a similar business area
  • Plan for the next stage of scaling up – don’t just react to an increase in demand and hope you have the resources to cover it.
  • Review all your manual processes and assess what it would take to automate – the manual overhead may be very easy to handle today but if growth kicks it’s worth being ready.
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What we do
At Six Trends we offer world-class strategy, marketing, design and software development to create best in class digital solutions to help our customers grow their businesses rapidly and successfully.
Staff at Facebook in Toronto using our Web App
Our client process
Our client process
We don't offer you standard cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, we work with you to develop and realize your vision and to establish the best approach and the best processes to ensure your ongoing success.
Successful organizations have efficient and adaptable digital processes, services and technology. A large organization that wants to overhaul their eCommerce activities has very different needs to a university with eLearning requirements, or an internet start-up that requires a new Web App.
Large + medium businesses
Enhancing your business digitally is a great way to get a competitive edge. The rewards are substantial in terms of efficiencies, growth, customer and employee satisfaction. Our senior expert team is available to assess your needs and the opportunities for improvement. However, digital transformation is challenging and potentially disruptive for established businesses.
Start-ups + small businesses
Six Trends has extensive experience working with start-ups to help build businesses from vision to implementation. We offer a 5-day intensive design sprint, business planning, digital design, implementation and coding. Our branding experts, designers and copywriters also provide full marketing support to launch your project. We can help with coaching and mentoring to support you along the way to success. Think of us as part of your team.
Making digital work for not-for-profit requires a comprehensive understanding of the sector. We have worked with not-for-proifts for many years and our expertise includes development for fundraising, sponsorship, events and marketing.
Our purpose is to help your business to thrive by leveraging digital, bringing new opportunities to improve dramatically.
Lee Rennick
Managing Director, Development + Insights
Our executive team
Tom Barker President + Managing Director
Digital Transformation

Tom has 25 years of experience leading teams to deliver advanced digital product and service transformation projects around the world. He has worked in both the commercial and educational sectors. Tom has a deep understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of digital transformation and the vital interplay between technology, processes and people. He has a reputation for delivering great value and managing risk when resolving difficult challenges faced by clients. As an author he is widely acknowledged as an expert and his recent book was published by McGrawHill in 2019.
Lee Rennick Managing Director
Development + Insights

Lee has 28 years of experience delivering strategic marketing, fund development, sales, sponsorship strategy and campaigns for organizations. She develops partnerships and sales and marketing programs. Lee’s expertise includes business needs analysis, strategic planning, capital and sales campaigns, digital strategy, customer experience and integrated digital programs. She has led digital marketing strategy and execution initiatives for our clients around customer growth, behaviour, data analytics, engagement and integrations – including social media and client relationship management.
Paul Allen Managing Director
People + Culture

Paul is an HR executive with over 25 years of experience helping a range of organizations. He provides people insights, strategies and solutions. He is a “safe haven” for challenging discussions around the hard issues that surface during a transformation. He is often called upon to evaluate the change impact on the people and the organization’s readiness, managing complex relationships during periods of sensitivity. Paul has worked globally in professional services, financial services, legal and the life sciences while delivering all people aspects of an M&A, turnaround or complex global transformation.
Jennifer Brooy Managing Director
Business Transformation

Jennifer is a business strategist and leader of innovative, complex and enterprise-wide transformation. As a director she offers 20 years of engagement at the board level, specializing in enterprise risk management, private equity investing, international finance, government relations, business building and governance. Her experience spans multiple sectors – Energy, Mining, Financial Institutions, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Information and Technology, Transportation, Entertainment and Hospitality, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Fund Investing, Corporate, Project and Structured Finance. She is an entrepreneurial thinker with the ability to motivate diverse teams.
Scott Basham Director
Digital Projects

Scott has an extensive track record of managing and delivering large scale digital projects over 25 years. He has an accomplished history as a system and software solutions architect and a proven ability to bring onboard the latest tools and development environments. Offering accredited Prince2 Practitioner project management expertise and hands-on practical experience, he is a collaborative player for developing approaches and solutions – equally at home with Agile and Waterfall methodologies. He delivers scalable robust solutions for customers and in-house for large corporations, including Enterprise Service Business solutions and Change Management applications.
Case studies
Case studies
International Consulting Firm

Problem: The online sales and marketing activity was failing to generate enough business for a UK listed consulting firm with offices in the USA, Canada, and Asia. There was no automated content integration, a broken pipeline for new leads, laborious new page creation, and problems sharing real-time industry info. The sales activities ran on a separate CRM to marketing with no integrations. Sales Qualified Leads and Marketing Qualified Leads were not tracked. The Website design was old and did not reflect the mission, vision or current client work.

Solution: Consistent branding was applied. Website extensions were coded to enhance a HubSpot CMS. Blogs were automated from LinkedIn postings and emails. APIs for real-time updates of project data were added. HubSpot was integrated with the Salesforce CRM for sales and marketing tracking. The sales teams could then manage and qualify campaign leads from email, LinkedIn and the Website.

Benefits: A substantial increase in Web traffic and qualified leads across multiple channels, automated management and integrated campaign capabilities.

Project Leader: Lee Rennick

Global Financial Institution (GFI)

Problem: How to ensure ‘buy-in’ for an enterprise-wide transformation? The GFI saw the need to implement an enterprise-wide organizational restructuring along with new and more effective and efficient modes of production.

Solution: The approach taken was evolutionary, applying six keys to success: 1. Prepare and implement a comprehensive communication plan, 2. Identify and empower early adopters and influencers, 3. Understand and readily defuse perceived threats, 4. Focus on and celebrate the opportunities, 5. Establish regular forums for exchange that visibly and credibly include the ‘tone from the top’, and 6. Don’t over think, be ready from the get-go.

Benefits:The choice of an evolutionary approach allowed the GFI to adapt while reducing disruption to the business, bringing the internal and external stakeholders onboard, and keeping the business from becoming overwhelmed.

Project Leader: Jennifer Brooy


Problem: No online learning offered. The UK University with 10,000 students did not have a plan to ensure the delivery of programs through eLearning. The competition to enroll students was high so cost savings and an improved student experience were needed.

Solution: Research, design and development of a five-year strategic plan for eLearning. A technology solution was developed to integrate a Learning Management System with webinar tools and administration functions.

Benefits: The online ROI was 3 years with delivery savings of 1/3 thereafter. 30% of existing courses were targets for online conversion and 25% of new courses. Results showed 25% increased student satisfaction.

Project Leader: Tom Barker

International Bank

Problem: After a reorganization of the bank, the Technology and Services function needed simplifying.

Solution: Creation of a Global Operations Structure and heading up the HR for the creation of the bank’s Operation function from back office and change management functions.

Benefits: Reduction in the number of groups by 50%. A simplified Operations structure with fully staffed roles. Clear RACI and Roles Profiles approved by REMCOM. Management of a 20% role reduction (15,000 staff).Transformation program to deliver the new culture and an integrated department focused on business delivery.

Project Leader: Paul Allen

Large Multinational Telco

Problem: Change Management applications challenge. Operating Companies (Opcos) were based in different countries, each running their own local applications subject to the limitations of email and manual processes.

Solution: An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) was created to provide an eBonding solution with automatic communication between the local Opco applications and their disparate technologies.

Benefits: Significant cost efficiencies delivered across the Opcos, enhanced quality control and communications. Underlying technologies were managed transparently by the ESB, with an architecture designed for future enhancement and expansion.

Project Leader: Scott Basham

⮑Web Apps
3D face scanning App for Dennis Kavelman
Digital success guide by Co-founder Tom Barker
Our philosophy
Digital technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace and we always make sure that clients get the best solutions – quickly and with durability. We work hard to stay at the leading edge and continuous improvement is a vital part of our DNA.
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